Amy Elizabeth Call

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act, but a habit.
– Aristotle

Amy helps people clarify their life and work goals and simplify them into a plan and habits that create results.

She begins by listening to understand you: your strengths, desires, and beliefs. You’ll gain self awareness, including blind spots and ineffective patterns, and have more clarity when making decisions and solving problems. Through coaching overtime, you’ll have accountability, see yourself progress, and continuously improve on skills as they become relevant: organization, goal setting and planning, communication, and leadership. Coaching has a single aim: to make constant progress towards the results you desire.

Amy earned a B.A. in Languages at the University of Utah and developed her coaching process while teaching and advising adults from over 60 countries. Having worked with people from many walks of life for over 10 years, she learned to see from each person’s cultural and personal perspective, and partner with them to create and implement their plans. She completed the Executive M.A. Program in Leadership at Westminster College, a hybrid degree in Management and Professional Communications. In addition to coaching, she speaks to groups about strategies for living a more deliberate life.

Amy is from Salt Lake City, Utah and lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Amy has a way of being in which she is a stand for you to create the life your soul desires. With Amy’s methods guiding me, I’ve been able to find my true passion in life, annihilate belief systems that kept me from living it out, and amazingly I now have complete 100% total ownership of my life and emotions. Amy has helped me find a whole new level of success and enjoyment in life. For anyone looking to become inline with their own true desires, I’d recommend Amy without reservation.

Amy uses her talents of being a great listener, along with focus and structure, coupled with her personal experiences to inspire, encourage and facilitate her clients to achieve their goals. Whether you are an organization motivating your staff or and individual looking to venture down a new path, Amy is a must!

You are an inspiring force! I can understand how you holistically connect with individuals in creating authentic leadership for the greater good. From inception, your motives move from within… business & personal become intertwined…abstract morphs into pragmatic forward momentum for positive change. Thank you!

I do a lot of networking, but I never felt like I could start an interesting enough conversation to get the person interested in me after the conversation. It always felt awkward. I attended a workshop with Amy which gave me a few questions to try at my next networking event. It was amazing how well her advice worked. The level of conversations was incredible. It was like friends talking verse complete strangers. I still feel awkward at networking events, but starting a good conversation is much easier using her knowledge. I honestly can say that if it wasn’t for her advice, I would not have been able to grow my network the way I have.

I went to Amy thinking she was a career coach who would give me some helpful advice for my future, guide me to my goals, and what not… but I really didn’t understand what kind of transformation she had prepared for me. She opened me up and challenged me not only in my career life but also in my social, spiritual, and personal life. I learned so much about myself, more than I could have ever expected, and made an amazing friend in the process. I can’t thank her enough for being so sweet, so supportive, and so wise! She changed my outlook on life, helped me with my future pursuits, and gave me the tools to discover myself. She truly is a “quareer” queen and much more!

Amy has the superpower to get to know what inspires people. She got to know me very well and that knowledge allowed her to give me the final push for me to do things I had been wanting to do for a long time, like stop eating sugar, learn how to swim, doing Yoga, make the effort to seek like-minded people, and how to focus.

“You helped me realize what I was missing. You gave me direction I needed and the reassurance I was not the only one experiencing these challenges.”

I have not been able to stop thinking about something you said, which was to live life now and boldly and to just go for it. Your inspiration and encouragement are contagious. I always need someone to wake me up to the present moment.

I have been searching for an expert who would help me bring my ideas together for a long time. I needed my internal and external communications to be on point and Amy is the expert to go to. She is a great communicator and delivers great results! Because of her, I have a clear, consistent method of delivering my services, educating new clients about my business, and structuring what I offer. Before, I booked one-time events and it took a lot of time to reignite each relationship for follow-up events. Now, I’m able to bring value to my clients all year and I’m becoming an integral part of their team. Thanks to Amy, my business is growing.

Because of you I have a tremendous amount of more joy in my life. You have helped me strengthen my focus muscle. There is so much joy when I complete things I set out to do.