Kirsten Stevens

“My ultimate goal is to elevate organizations to become powerful forces of lasting change. It is only through significant social impact that we will improve lives, change communities and improve the world we live in.”
–Kirsten Stevens

Kirsten Stevens has been working with nonprofits for over twenty years.  Her expertise lies in supporting the strategic and operational development of nonprofit organizations at all stages of growth to ensure financial sustainability and effective mission execution.  When working with startup organizations, Kirsten assists with nonprofit incorporation and registration, IRS filing and compliance, and ongoing consulting.  Mature organizations benefit from her experience in leadership recruiting, fundraising, board development, grant writing, and strategic planning.  Kirsten strives to work with nonprofits that seek to develop a high-performance culture and focus on measurable outcomes with significant social impact.  She believes that we all have a responsibility to improve the lives of the less fortunate and that to get there we must build collaborations between the for profit and nonprofit sectors, explore and develop alternate revenue streams, create opportunities for maximizing social impact and forge partnerships between aligned organizations.

Raised in Latin America, Kirsten speaks Spanish fluently and works with international as well as US clients.  She has a passion for enhancing the program and organizational performance of nonprofits and regularly conducts educational workshops, training and seminars.