Roy Assad

“I can wholeheartedly say, that I love people, I love my clients, and I also love that what I do for them it is so fulfilling… to be able to enrich other people’s lives through a mutual relationship based on respect and appreciation for the human spirit.”
–Roy Assad

“Inspiring, impactful, stimulating, energizing, life-changing.” These are just a small sample of descriptors used to describe Mr. Roy Assad by his loyal and grateful clients throughout the years.

As an Executive and Life Coach, Roy provides his clients with guidance that will help them to unleash hidden potential, eliminate roadblocks and capitalize on unique talents in order to maximize personal and professional success. Having founded The Human Capital Group in 2003, Roy’s mission is to help executives and entrepreneurs through the creation of customized strategies and corporate training plans that are roadmaps to building a life and career that they love.

Born in Syria, Roy moved to the United States at the age of 18 with no money and unable to speak a word of English.   Armed with only motivation and grand dreams, his hard work and determination allowed him to become his OWN first success story.  What began as a “first job” in the mailroom of an insurance agency has grown into a life of entrepreneurial passion, which he now shares with clients worldwide.

Drawing from his own experience as an accomplished businessman, entrepreneur, restaurateur and now publisher, Roy has developed a unique insight in the dynamics of business and mastered the arts of networking, negotiation and bridge-building, which are the key ingredients of success. His priority as a motivational speaker and an executive coach is to enrich others’ lives through a mutual relationship based on respect and appreciation for those who want to flourish in life and business.

Currently, Roy is the Managing Partner at The Human Capital Group as well as the Chief Operating Officer at Muses & Visionaries Magazine. He gained extensive business experience early on by opening and operating The Haberdasher, a custom clothing company, which he later sold as a profitable company in 2001.  Roy also opened an award-winning Middle Eastern restaurant, Leila, in 2004 followed by another, L’Opera, in 2006. Roy currently lives in West Palm Beach with his fiancé Jana and new daughter Anabelle.  In addition Roy is the father of three adult children.

Extremely committed to his community, Roy is a Founding Board Member for Start-Up Palm Beach and has served on committees of organizations and charities such as Discover the Palm Beaches, Downtown Development Authority – West Palm Beach, International Coach Federation and Best Buddies Palm Beach amongst many others.


 “I am experiencing a feeling that has not run through my veins in quite some time. My feet are planted so firmly on the terra firma that nobody could shake this foundation. Right now, these past two weeks I am running on fumes, but the adrenaline that had replaced my blood is taking me to a new level of consciousness, ability, perception, maturity, drive and focus that it is almost foreign to me. My life has turned so categorically on its head as a result of my association with you that superlatives do not express my gratitude and delight. I attribute to you a number of things. Through your steadfast support, your genuine interest, your gracious giving of one’s time, your human insight and your incredible vision, you have captured my trust and driven my renaissance. As promised, you have empowered me, put me in a position of strength financially, emotionally and professionally. You have, in your subtle way, reminded me of the vulnerability and spirituality of human kind and myself. My relationships with my family, Peggy, work colleagues, friends are flourishing, my career is sky rocketing and my financial security and worth is only surpassed by my self-worth, All crafted either directly or indirectly as a result of our association. I can see, and others, many others have commented that I am back – better in so many ways that ever before. Daily personal and professional act or expressions from other only serve to elevate me and put me in a positive perpetual motion. I am just so bloody appreciative Roy”

“The staff truly enjoyed the seminar today. We all discussed how stimulating it is to have our longstanding beliefs and habits challenged opening our minds to new possibilities. Thank you for being so supportive of me personally and for the staff. You have truly helped transform my life and the lives of so many others with you wisdom and commitment to believing anything is possible – you are making us all believers one by one! I truly appreciated you for all you do and all that you are and am so grateful for the inspiration that you are in my life. You are the best!”

“Since I have started to work with you, my career took a big turn for the better.

* My time management has improved dramatically, I do not let the day manage me any more and achieve more in less time.

* I am respected by my peers and senior management.

*I am on the path to become the top Market Manager for the bank but do not feel fulfill nor happy about it.

For the last couple of weeks, I have looked at my career and where it stands next to my life.
I found a large disconnect between the both.”