Sarah Scheffer

“How often do you think, about the way you think
–Sarah Scheffer

Sarah Scheffer is a dedicated mother of two teenage boys. Her experiences and diverse background allow her to identify with people from all walks of life. She draws inspiration from her experiences traveling and has a passion for meeting new and interesting people.

She has the ability to make new acquaintances feel instantly comfortable and making connections with others is her favorite thing in the world. “I hold space for someone and that allows them to explore and find the freedom and passion in their own lives”

Her natural artistic enthusiasm for entertaining allows her to be creative with elegant style on any project she is involved with from social event planning, art exhibits, fashion shows, her yoga practice and not least Life Coaching. All of this fuels her passion of working with and being around creative people.

As an image consultant her attention to detail and strong aesthetic sense in the realms of home decor, fashion and styling have influenced many and made her a favorite model and muse for couture designers, artists and photographers.

As a proficient event planner she allows her unique artistic vision to shine, while coaching her team with her optimism gives each project a positive attitude and energy.