HCG Published White Papers

The power of one

What gives someone the ability to impact our world in a powerful way? Are there characteristics inherent in these individuals? And what price do they pay for this power?

New Year

As the year comes to an end, we begin the process of setting resolutions for the coming year, by taking stock of our achievements and shortcomings, The record shows that our resolutions usually center around ourselves, what we like to stop doing, the most common is to spend more time with family, get in better shape, quit smoking, getting out of debt and learning something new, regardless of what these resolutions are most of them fade soon after they are made.

To be or not to be

In the Dictionary “be” is defined as follows: Am, is & to exist. It is said that we are “human beings” and not “human doings” so what we are “being” impacts everyone around us and can either have a positive or negative impact on those that we come in touch with.

Breaking Through

The majority of us are living lives that have hit – or are exceeding – the threshold of complexity. We have personal and business cell phones, home and office faxes, home and office email addresses, and endless to-do lists scribbled on sticky-notes that occupy every available surface of our lives.

Email Efficacy

Follow these guidelines when writing an email. 1. Keep emails short. 2. Consolidate Thoughts/Questions whenever possible. 3. Reply Quickly (within 24 hours)…