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We are a team of executive, leadership, and life coaches who are dedicated to empowering and transforming people, teams, and organizations. Our coaches provide results-driven guidance to 

change your mindset and enable you to enhance your life, career, 

or organization in ways you never dreamed possible.


what we do

Every person, organization, and situation is unique, so we create customized plans and sustainable solutions to help you attain your goals. Our method is edgy, invigorating, challenging, and rewarding. Whether we are walking alongside you as an executive coach, guiding you on a journey of personal transformation, or considering taking your organization to new levels, we are there every step of the way.

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The Team

who we are

The Human Capital Group is dedicated to taking people and teams on a journey of self-discovery that will deliver breakthrough results. Our coaches will help you take control of your future and make profound positive changes that will enable you to realize your true potential and accomplish your goals.


  • The power of one
  • To be or not to be
  • Breaking through
  • Email efficacy

"The staff truly enjoyed
the seminar today..."

We all discussed how stimulating it is to have our longstanding beliefs and habits challenged, opening our minds to new possibilities. You have truly helped transform my life and the lives of so many others with your wisdom and commitment to believing anything is possible.
Melissa, Downtown Development Authority

"...be ready to check your ego at the door and be excited to open up a new and positive life."

I attended the Energy Leadership Assessment and found it to be surprising, instrumental, and valuable to my personal life and my business. The one piece of advice I would offer is to be ready to check your ego at the door and be excited to open up a new and positive life.
Phillip, Criminal Defense Attorney

"The level of conversation was incredible."

I attended a Human Capital Group workshop, which gave me a few questions to try at my next networking event. It was amazing how well their advice worked. The level of conversation was incredible. I honestly can say that if it wasn’t for this workshop I would not have been able to grow my network the way I have.
Tim, Director of Business