Our Team

We are a team of executive, leadership, and life coaches who are dedicated to empowering and transforming people, teams, and organizations.

Roy Assad

Having founded The Human Capital Group in 2003, Roy’s mission is to help executives and entrepreneurs through the creation of customized strategies and corporate training plans that are roadmaps to building a life and career they love. As an Executive and Life Coach, Roy provides his clients with guidance that will help them to unleash hidden potential, eliminate roadblocks and capitalize on unique talents in order to maximize personal and professional success.

Laura Robbat

Laura Robbat listens carefully to CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Sales professionals to bring insights and futuristic thinking to their mission. After completing her coaching certification at iPEC she saw the need to create a connection one business person at a time across the organization. She uses data from assessments such a DISC, StrengthsFinder, 360’s, and Energy Leadership, to distinguish your communication style, your energetic make-up, and your natural strengths.
She is in the people-first business and part of the customer experience renaissance. She believes service is the new sales. She offers public workshops, classroom training, and one-on-one coaching engagements to invite professionals to maximize their team and their results. Some of her clients include Raymond James, Downtown Development Authority of West Palm, and Aflac.

Amy Elizabeth Bucklin

Amy helps people know what they do best and how to do more of it. She works with them to identify the strengths that shape their natural patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, and to use that knowledge to improve on how they present themselves, work with others, and manage their careers. Clients learn to leverage their strengths and manage potential blind spots so they do their best work and find fulfillment. Amy has a B.A. in French from the University of Utah and an M.A. in Leadership from Westminster College. Her coaching style is influenced by her experience in writing curriculum and teaching on career development, as a Communications Professor, Professional Development Speaker, and Career Advisor.

Coaching Programs:
Strengths Assessment & Discovery
Interview Preparation

Claudia Mason

Claudia Mason is a certified life coach, CPC, with an emphasis on the spiritual; whose experiences as a supermodel, actor, producer, author and stroke thriver! have helped her cultivate that strong inner life which provides one with the resilience that is critical to wellness and to success in life no matter who you are or what you do.

Claudia had a highly successful career in fashion, despite all its pitfalls. She was also an actor who appeared in TV, film and theatre, receiving critical acclaim for her performance in and production of a Tennessee Williams play which was nominated for a prestigious McCulloch Award by the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle. 

She suffered a stroke as the result of an accident. She has said: “I’d gone from catwalk queen to CAT scan nightmare”. This shocking event also motivated her to re-purpose her life. Now, she wished to focus on helping others improve their lives by sharing her own amazing experiences & techniques for bouncing back. She’s a spokesperson for The American Stroke Association (ASA). Claudia uses this part of her life story as a marvelous lesson in resilience. The key to a super life is as she says, “an inside job”

As a highly intuitive coach she guides people in the corporate and the creative sectors, from where they are to where they want to be, by helping them connect to their innate wisdom. They can then more easily make the outer changes they so desire.

Her background also includes a RYT200 certification in Kundalini Yoga and a lifetime student of so many consciousness practices including Kabbalah, Jungian dream analysis for creatives, Buddhism and more.

Sonna Johns

In addition to Sonna’s vast experience in corporate coaching, training and facilitation for several fortune 500 companies, her background includes being a national spokesperson for Comcast, among other well-known household brands.

Having experienced some significant challenges herself, Sonna’s strength is quickly identifying the tools which will help her clients move past their own unique challenges. In doing so, they develop an awareness that helps them thrive both personally and professionally, along with experiencing more joy and inner peace in their life. Sonna’s focus is on self-empowerment, and becoming the best version of yourself. She has a strong faith and is fascinated with the world of personal growth and self-mastery.
She offers workshops, speaking engagements and one-on-one coaching to guide individuals, leaders and teams to prioritize their inner world for outer world success. Her clients have ranged from individuals and small to large business owners.

Maggie Hanson

Fulfillment in our life and career results from utilizing our natural creative gifts to contribute uniquely to the world. Maggie will understand her clients’ life work, business, and relationship with themselves and others to align with their highest potential contribution. She has over a decade of experience in corporate Fortune 500 management, leading teams to increase earning potential through employee engagement and excellent customer service. She has specialized in innovating, transforming, and launching business endeavors in diverse markets.

Maggie will empower her clients to utilize tools to achieve goals, motivate staff, and improve their bottom line. She will provide solutions and systems for her clients and their team to align with. Understanding unique operating styles, how to use emotional intelligence, and how to implement these skills for success come with the experience and community she creates.

Maggie is committed to personal development and is a lifelong learner supporting others. She is currently enrolled in Executive MBA in Strategic Leadership and to be certified as a BG5 Analyst Consultant and Human Design Reader. These proven and unique tools, paired with her career and life experience, ensure she will provide her clients with what they need to focus on their passions with full support and partnership.

Michael Schlossman

Michael is a motivational speaker, recovery coach, spiritual counselor, and certified interventionist. He is living proof that people can not only change but they can transform.
According to Michael, all that’s needed is Desire, Direction, and Dedication.
Originally from Greenwich, Connecticut, Michael received his BA from The George Washington
University and a Juris Doctor from New York Law School. His career began on Wall Street and,
ultimately, he founded a prestigious, multimillion-dollar television production company.

In 2001, the trajectory of Michael’s life dramatically changed when a work-related injury led to
a 10-year battle with addiction to prescription medication. That battle cost him his company, his marriage, and nearly his own life.
Today, with nearly 12 years sober, Michael leads a transformed life. Along the way, Michael transitioned careers and became a therapist, coach, spiritual counselor, and motivational speaker, helping countless others towards health and wellness. He currently owns a residential healthcare facility that treats adults suffering from addiction.
Michael is admitted to the bar in both New York and Florida.  He is an Executive Board Member of the Florida Association of Recovery Residences and the Chairperson Emeritus of the Palm Beach County Opioid Response Plan Steering Committee.
While success has brought Michael incredible joy and great rewards, he boasts that his greatest achievement in life is his incredibly bright and beautiful 17-year old daughter who is set to go off to college in the Fall. Michael now resides in Palm Beach County with his Goldendoodle, Jagger, and enjoys biking, yoga, the outdoors, and of course, great food!

Jaimee Tepker

With a background in the field of Hospitality spanning over two decades, Jaimee’s passion for team and system development, coupled with an intuitive understanding of human nature, allow her to pinpoint and target multiple areas of opportunity within a business, often requiring only minor changes that lead to major results in P&L performance, increased revenue, and improvements in quality, productivity, and guest and client relationships. 
Jaimee’s capabilities include training leaders, groups, and individuals across multiple settings, with strengths in both pre and post-open operations. She works collaboratively to create success and efficiency in alignment with her clients’ goals, often referred to as a “Fixer.” Jaimee’s experience across markets in LA, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Detroit has equipped her to solve problems, create and implement structure and systems, and provide ongoing support that can be maintained long term.
In addition to her passion for Hospitality, Jaimee has worked extensively within the Behavioral field, and she utilizes and teaches tools and soft skills that she has gleaned through her experience to support both emerging and developed operators in refining their conflict resolution practices, time and team management, as well as building confidence in leading large groups and public speaking. These tools can also target hidden areas of cost—employee turnover, menu development, vendor relationships, etc—to further maximize the benefits for clients, and ultimately therefore, the guests.

Adriana Schiappoli Burger

Adriana Schiappoli Burger is an International Business Leadership Consultant and Certified Exit Planner. 

Coming from a Legal background, she coaches top Executives to be adaptable and effective, while focusing on Value maximization strategy to grow businesses. 

Her extensive International business experience, Joint Ventures negotiation strategies and team building skills, give her an unparalleled perspective and expertise. This diverse industry background, coupled with the lifelong work in dealing and integrating with foreign cultures and Governments alike, has taught her that adaptability and sustainability are key strategies while enhancing a business’ culture, structure, customer and human capital.

Gabriela Chang

I’m the founder of Dating Polarity. Your go-to relationship guide based in sunny South Florida. I’m passionate about making the dating world a bit less complicated and a lot more fun for you. I’m determined to help men and women navigate the sometimes tricky path of dating and relationships. No jargon, no complicated theories — just real talk and practical advice to make love feel a bit more straightforward.

Like many, I had my own dating struggles and, without the right communication skills and understanding of the opposite sex, many times I felt lost and confused. Tired of my relationship dynamics, I became a certified coach.

My focus is on dating and relationships and I want to help you see through your blind spots and close the gap that separates you from having a loving, fulfilling, and rewarding relationship.

Allison Reynolds

Allison is a dedicated Life Coach with a unique blend of experience in business and social work.  Allison uses a holistic approach that integrates mind body and spirit while guiding her clients on a journey of personal discovery.  Passionate about helping individuals unlock their true potential, she specializes in guiding clients through various aspects of life including relationships, health and wellness, goal setting, and discovering life purpose.

Drawing from her own journey as a stay-at-home mom to four children and navigating the challenges of a divorce, Allison understands firsthand the obstacles and triumphs of personal growth. These experiences have shaped her into a compassionate and insightful coach who is committed to empowering others to design the life of their dreams. Through her guidance and support, Allison inspires her clients to overcome obstacles, embrace change, and create a fulfilling and purposeful life for themselves.

Benny Salas

Benny Salas is a dynamic professional speaker and ICF Certified Executive Coach, known for blending storytelling and communication to empower personal and professional growth. As the Founder and CEO of That Coaching Guy Inc. Benny supports business owners, C-Level executives, companies, and their teams through leadership consulting, coaching, training and development.

Since 19, Benny has engaged diverse audiences, reaching over 200,000 individuals through live and virtual platforms. With over 25 years of speaking experience and 10,000 hours of presentations, workshops, and training sessions, he has influenced many.

As a coach since 2011, Benny has served over 3,000 clients, creating over 20,000 hours of training content. His “SPEAK MORE” initiative and CENTERSTAGE live event helps train and develop experienced and aspiring speakers and professionals.

Benny authored “The 3 Core Essentials to Speaking with Confidence” and holds a B.A. in Organizational Leadership from Trinity International University. He has received coaching training and certifications from the Co-ActiveTraining Institute (CTI), where he earned the Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) designation. He holds accreditations from the International Coaching Federation as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Per Lindskog

Per Lindskog co-founded The Human Capital Group in 2003, driven by a deep passion for empowering individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve their fullest potential. With a rich background in business consulting and life coaching, Per excels in guiding clients through transformative journeys that foster success on multiple levels.

What Per enjoys most is the opportunity to witness and facilitate profound growth and development in those he works with. His clients consistently describe their experiences with him as “transformational, deeply insightful, and strategically effective.” They particularly appreciate his ability to generate clarity and align their goals and targets, ensuring they are on the path to success.

Per’s approach is personalized, and tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. He combines his extensive knowledge and experience with a genuine commitment to helping others thrive. Under his guidance, clients not only achieve their immediate objectives but also develop the skills and confidence needed for sustained success in the future.

Elisabet Lara

Elisabet Lara is a dynamic professional with a passion for fostering growth, both in businesses and individuals. With a background in business strategy and a deep understanding of the transformative power of coaching, Elisabet thrives in identifying synergies between individuals and coaches that lead to profound personal and professional development. She possesses a keen intuition for recognizing the unique needs and aspirations of each client, ensuring they are paired with coaches who possess the specialized expertise required to guide them towards success.

Elisabet’s commitment to business development is unwavering. Her ability to understand market trends and client demands enables her to tailor our offerings to meet the evolving needs of businesses and individuals seeking growth. She is a fervent advocate for community outreach. She believes in the power of a thriving community to uplift everyone within it. Through her initiatives, she has cultivated strong relationships with local organizations, educational institutions, and non-profits, underscoring her dedication to making a meaningful impact beyond the realm of business.

Sofia Ballesteros

Sofia is a dynamic, innovative professional with a strong background in finance and data entry, Sofia brings a unique blend of analytical and organizational skills to the team. Her precision and attention to detail are invaluable in supporting the company’s operations and ensuring that clients receive the highest level of service. Sofia’s commitment to excellence and her ability to efficiently manage tasks make her an indispensable asset and a valued contributor to Human Capital Group and the success and growth of the organization through her work as an Executive Assistant.